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Welcome to Trumble & Partners

We are a global executive coaching and leadership consultancy based in the U.K. headed by Toby Trumble.

Our Executive Coaching defined…

'Executive Coaching is a dialogue between a coach and a leader with the intention of finding creative ways to address challenging problems, improve team and unit performance, accelerate progress on key initiatives, and advance the leader's career and leadership effectiveness’

Why do people choose our services?

There are a multitude of reasons why people choose our services.

They could be 'stuck' in moving themselves and their business forward and benefit in having an impartial 'outside' confidant with which to discuss internal issues and help make critical decisions.

Frequently, leaders are looking to improve their ability to have more 'power and influence' over others and their organisation, whether it being 'up, down or across' the structure. (We are specialists in the field of 'influence' and believe that it is one of the most important areas to master).

It could be a matter of wanting to develop their leadership skills and to 'shift' certain behaviours and perceptions in order to advance themselves and the organisation further.

Others find it as the ‘best’ way of setting ambitious and courageous goals and being held to account in 'actually' achieving them. 

Many leaders and high potentials are unaware of how they are perceived 'up, down and across' the structure of their organisation and are keen to know the answer, enabling them to improve in key focused areas.

It maybe the case that an individual has rapidly advanced within the hierarchy of an organisation - brilliant in their specific field of expertise, but now realise that they require additional leadership skills in order to progress further. 

There are many other reasons, but whatever they may be, the evidence is clear that our approach works at finding solutions, improving performance, accelerating leadership effectiveness and ultimately achieving positive and sustained results.

Who do we work with?

We work with successful people who want to become more successful including Leaders, Executives, Senior Managers, High Potentials and Business Owners.

Our Approach…

Our 'no fluff' approach helps you find the solutions to whichever complex and diverse scenarios that may face you at any one time.

We act as a catalyst during the process enabling your goals, choices and actions to be made more quickly, clearly and more thoroughly thought through.

With your permission and when appropriate we also advise and consult with a direct and 'straight talk' approach.

We adhere to a strict discipline of confidentiality and discretion throughout and beyond our engagement regardless of who the sponsor is - this is of paramount importance.

Our aim is to help you 'shift' any limiting perceptions, assumptions, behaviours or beliefs that you feel might be holding you back, therefore maximising potential and performance.

Ultimately, our focus is on solutions and results, both for you and your organisation and to provide an outstanding 'lasting return on investment'. 

In order for us to help you achieve positive and sustained results, we have our proven methodologies; that when combined appropriately, help to successfully deliver your desired outcomes.



A little of what we do...

full Leadership 'Tune up'

Cover a coaching program based on any of the following topics, as warranted by our assessment and desired by you; engage and mobilise employees, resolve conflict, develop leaders succession planning, communicate with impact, influence effectively, set strategic direction, personal branding, develop stronger relationships throughout the organisation, create a high performance culture, juggle multiple priorities/manage time more effectively, and shift limiting perceptions that might be holding you back. We can cover other topics depending on the challenges you face.

Execute and move things forward more effectively

We know that the value of consistent, effective execution can be significant. Execution involves a number of factors, and our in-depth approach and methodology isolates the factors that can help you improve performance. As a result of working with us, you will gain new awareness about your strengths and potential areas for professional development helping you go from ideas to results more effectively and efficiently. Our aim is that you will 'shift' the way you influence other people, budget resources, set priorities, communicate, hold your team accountable, and set the tone in your areas of responsibilities. That way, results on the most important and strategic metrics for your organisation start to improve.

Enhance your skills to successfully influence others and your organisation

We specialise in helping leaders, executives, managers, up-and-coming talent and business owners to be more influential and have more impact. The most successful leaders influence others to embrace and implement their ideas. Unfortunately, even at the top levels of an organisation, many leaders struggle with how to really influence others. There is an art and a science to influence, to knowing the right conversations to have with others in order to get results, while still keeping the relationship strong. We bring you an approach that helps you go from goal to result, and position yourself in the most powerful and effective way. Once you have completed our process, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it becomes to get things done, get everyone on the same page, set high expectations, and reduce the hassles you may face everyday.

Success in a new role / Transition

Success in a new role can be hard to achieve, particularly within the first 90-100 days. We help you gain clarity about performance expectations, beyond the formal job description, understand the culture, to avoid political landmines and adapt quickly to how things get done effectively. We help you in building relationships ‘up, down and across’ the organisation and in getting results at the right pace, while strengthening relationships and building trust and credibility.

create a high performance culture

Once you get to the root cause preventing optimal performance, everything changes in the way your people and teams communicate, get things done and achieve results. We help organisations get to the root cause of high performance. That means going deep into the habits, routines, and behaviours that permeate how things get done. We help you define the way you want your culture to be in the organisation, and create discipline ‘up, down, and across’ the organisation that assures the highest levels of performance. If you are open to support in creating constantly improving levels of performance and results then we have a methodology to help you succeed.

Business coaching

As a result of working together, business owners have more time to spend with family and friends, feel less stressed, and get back in touch with the passion they had when they first started the business. We have practical methodologies that get you in control of your time, set your business apart from the competition, turn growth into a science, and create a high performance culture that develops leaders who work together to grow your business. At the same time, we know that business owners sometimes feel isolated. They appreciate having an objective sounding board to brainstorm, share concerns, and resolve issues in a confidential, highly effective format.

More of what we do...


An Executive Coach is part advisor, part sounding board, part cheerleader, part manager and part strategist
— The Business journal


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