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a bit about us and what to expect...


Toby Trumble in brief…


Toby graduated from University back in the 90’s and headed directly to the City of London enjoying a busy life in the ‘Lloyd’s of London’ market, becoming Executive Director and Global Head of Broking. This entailed building, leading and managing executive teams combined with the production and transaction of business in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. Amongst other things, he has also owned and operated a helicopter company, been a board director of a country house hotel company and founded an overseas property business.

A coaching leadership philosophy has been central to Toby’s professional life both in the early days of training and managing others and also today as a Certified Executive Coach. He has been educated and trained extensively by an ICF accredited ‘world class’ executive coaching organisation in the U.S.

His fundamental driver and passion is in witnessing the acceleration of progress made during coaching engagements from beginning to end, with positive outcomes of clear results, established solutions, and value being realised.

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We at Trumble & Partners know that finding the right Executive Coach is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer a free consultation to discuss your goals, the scope of your requirements, and your desired outcomes.

A little of what to expect…


Firstly, it is important to point out that we focus intently on you and everyone around you, investigating every possibility to successfully enhance and raise your awareness, results and performance.

We conduct our engagements in a place of privacy and in a highly confidential, non-judgemental manner so that you may explore what matters most to you and your success.

We start with a consultation to discover and establish exactly what you want to achieve out of our engagement.

On commencement of our agreed plan, we can conduct assessments for you, including and if appropriate, a confidential 360-degree verbal assessment to learn more about your impact on key employees up, down, across and even outside your organisation. This will provide you with insights of how you are perceived by others and also help us to determine additional and future topics that you might wish to cover. Then we can begin.

As our services are bespoke and tailored specifically around you, please contact us to arrange a comprehensive and detailed consultation.

Ultimately, our focus is on solutions and results, both for you and your organisation and to provide an outstanding lasting return on investment.
— Toby Trumble